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Rekeying is not an Option….It’s a Solution! Let A.S.A.P. Locksmiths Help.

Moving in to your new home or unit is a busy and exciting time. There is always so much to organise and the list of “things to do” can sometimes be daunting. Unpacking your belongings to create your own space is all part of the experience.

One important aspect of moving in to your new premises is often overlooked – rekeying your locks! You should always remember to have your locks rekeyed to protect yourself and your property….after all, you do not know who has copies of the keys to the property you have just filled with your precious belongings….

Rekeying your locks does not mean that you will be replacing them. It is not as expensive as all that! In fact, our A.S.A.P. Locksmiths technicians can simply change the key combination on the properties existing locks and provide you with a brand new key…one that no one else has…. and definitely a  security solution.

A.S.A.P. Locksmiths Mortdale service is more than happy to organise you a quote or to provide you with any locksmith advice.


Too many keys?

Having a keyring cluttered with too many keys is a common problem. Why not simplify your lock security and have your lock combinations changed to the same keyway and use just the one key. A.S.A.P. Locksmiths can help you reorganise your lock security and tailor your keying to just one or two keys. Now that’s a helpful solution!


Renovating, Reorganising or Renting?

Having a home or business requires maintenance and upkeep. We all know that property is an ongoing event; with things always needing replacement or repairs. The same holds true for your property’s locks. Whether the lock no longer has keys, needs repairs or is simply worn and needs to be replaced, A.S.A.P. Locksmiths can help. Our team is highly professional and has extensive experience in residential, commercial, strata and rental lock hardware and compliancy.

A.S.A.P. Locksmiths also offers a wide range of lock styles and related security products. We are able to assist you reorganise your lock hardware to include your renovating lock requirements and offer you advice on the best products for your new addition or home alteration.

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